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Here's all the open Giveaways on Literary Flits!

Giveaways are listed by their End Date. The ones ending furthest in the future are at the top of this page. Click the book titles to visit each post.

I'll be adding to this page as I schedule posts so new Giveaways will appear a few days before their posts publish. And I will try not to let extinct Giveaways hang around too long after they close!

The Donnie Ray Cuinn series by Boyd Taylor

Blog posts 
Hero : 5th January
The Antelope Play : 19th January
The Monkey House : 5th February
Necessities : 19th February

Giveaway closes : 7th March

Artisan Rainbow Etsy Card

OK, not for books, but still a Giveaway worth entering!

Giveaway closes : 6th February

Literary Flits Spotlight Post

Authors, follow me and retweet my pinned tweet for the chance to win a Spotlight post promoting one of your books!

Giveaway closes 31st January

Beauty And Beastly: a steampunk Beauty and the Beast by Melanie Karsak

Blog post : 14th December

Giveaway closes : 31st January

Daughter Of The Goddess by Rita J Webb

Blog post : 24th January

Giveaway closes : 26th January

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